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EPIW104F passive poe switch & IP watchdog datasheet


EPIW104F passive poe switch & IP watchdog


PingBrother EPIW104F is a 4 port industrial 10/100 passive POE ethernet switch and IP watchdog with built-in web based GUI.  It is an intelligent device, which watches a lot of qualities of its environment. It has two temperature sensors bundled with the device, allowing you to set notifications bassed on changes in temperature. It also watches the operability of any network devices (ping, ssh, http availability), and gives a user defined response, for example turns off /on or reset the power of the POE ethernet ports, controls any connected device by its relay contact, and/or sends an email.

It is also a POE switch (PSE), that can work on nearly any low voltage (8-56V DC or 9-42V AC), and can distribute its input power to any kind of connected standard or non standard POE devices (PD).

With its two temperature sensors, the EPIW104F is ideal in places and environments requiring temperature comparison.

Technical specifications

Input operating voltage (via connector or POE)                         8-56V DC or 9-42V AC
POE output voltage on all ethernet port                                  consistant with the input
Total Power Budget                                                                                120W
Max. self Power Consumption of the device                                              8W
Max. Power Consumption on each eth. port                                            30W
Max switching Voltage on terminal blocks                                      220V DC, 250V AC
Max. switching Power on terminal blocks                                            30W / 230V
Max switching current on terminal blocks                                                   2A
Number of 10/100 POE capable eth port                                                    4
3-pol terminal block of Change-over relay                                                  4
POE operating mode selection slide switch                                                4
Plug-in terminal block power connector                                                      1
Led indicators                                                                                           3 x 4
Packet features                                                                              2k MAC address
Packet buffer memory                                                                            384kbit
Max. packet lenght                                                                        1552/1536 bytes
Performance                                                                      Bandwidth: 1.6 Gbps (Non-blocking)
Packet transferring rate                                                     10/100Mbps port: 1,480,000Mpps
Case material                                                                                           steel
Safety                                                                                                CE/EN60950
Operating Temperature                                                                     -30 to +80 C
Operating Humidity                                                                     5 to 95% Non-condensing
Shock and Vibration                                                             IEC60068-2-27, IEC60068-2-6
Dimensions                                                                                     154 x 81 x 35 mm
Product weight                                                                                         450 g

Services, events, actions

Web based GUI
IP address IPV4 static or dhcp
Watched IP address about loss of ping or http 8
Action: POE on/off
Action: relay toggle
Action: email sending
Input voltage measurement
Actions due to change of input voltage
Scheduled POE management
4 port POE current measurement
Actions due to change of current or power
Internal temperature measurement
External temperature measurement
Actions due to change of temperature


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